Dear Soul,

While you are reading this, we are busy creating a new message specially for you, who are part of our spiritual family!

We want very much to make you feel yourself loved, supported, inspired, and that you never forget to learn more and more from the wisdom of the Universe with its amazing teachings!

We´ll be devotees on the way of passing the wisdom to you, carefully selecting each meaningful piece of knowledge from the ancient traditions of the gurus, Places of Power and our famous esoteric masterpieces - New Century Books.

And....don´t miss out on our Sansa Chat, which happens on Saturdays, via Skype, where our spiritual mentors talk about the essence of life and give answeres to you about difficult issues that one soul faces during this lifetime. It is totally free and open to everyone! Join us and don´t forget to check your time zone beforehand so that you´ll be in the chat on time.

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We expect to see you soon!
With love
Ladamira and NewCenturyBooks team
New Century Books
Together we can make a better world!
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