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Retreat Happiness in every home 29/12 to 03/01

Additional days 04,05 and 6 of January


Dear Soul,

While you are reading this, we are busy creating a new message specially for you, who are part of our spiritual family!

We want very much to make you feel yourself loved, supported, inspired, and that you never forget to learn more and more from the wisdom of the Universe with its amazing teachings!

We´ll be devotees on the way of passing the wisdom to you, carefully selecting each meaningful piece of knowledge from the ancient traditions of the gurus, Places of Power and our famous esoteric masterpieces - New Century Books.

And....don´t miss out on our Sansa Chat, which happens on Saturdays, via Skype, where our spiritual mentors talk about the essence of life and give answeres to you about difficult issues that one soul faces during this lifetime. It is totally free and open to everyone! Join us and don´t forget to check your time zone beforehand so that you´ll be in the chat on time.

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Retreat Happiness in every home 29/12 to 03/01

Additional days 04,05 and 6 of January

We live in a modern world that demands more and more that we have high performance and performance, we often feel overwhelmed, lost, without money or energy, depressive or with panic syndrome. And what to do to get better results with joy and less effort? Often we become overwhelmed by the negative energy of other people and we may even become physically sick or illness appears in the form of a lack of money or love. We now know through science that everything is made of energy, the whole "material" universe is nothing but condensed energy, so we are also made of energy and vibrate at certain frequencies. For this reason we need to change our frequency, our vibration to be in a positive state where there can be healing and energetic protection. So let's raise our vibration in a magical place and full of cosmic energy, Curitiba is a cradle of lightworkers, with above average number of holistic therapists, spirituality groups, congresses and events in matters pertaining to personal, emotional and spiritual development . It has already been proven through plumbing that Curitiba is a "magnetic island" for anchoring and sustaining planetary energy. Besides the nature present in the streets of the city, it also has a set of more than 25 natural environments between parks and forests. Very close to Curitiba we can find the national park of Vila Velha, many waterfalls and canyons. And still in the state you can see the Iguaçu Falls, the largest set of waterfalls in Latin America, considered one of Earth's chakras. With the combination of these high energies, we will receive the Ladamira, guardian of the Slavic traditions and ancient feminine wisdom. For more than 20 years Ladamira has helped people to connect with ancient wisdom through the Slavic traditions, bringing them well-being. She joins her intuition to knowledge inherited from ancient Slavic practices and teaches a wonderful lifestyle that helps people lead a life with an open heart. Ladamira was cured of cancer by applying Slavic methods, and now helps people find their happiness, joy, harmony in interaction with other people. Without ignoring the importance of conventional medical treatment, it helps people understand the energetic causes of female diseases such as infertility, polyps, fibroids, cancer, psychic and spiritual conflicts, revealing the mission of life and harmonizing the relationship between family members. Many people today seek to find their soul mate. Asking Ladamira for help in applying the ancient knowledge in their lives they found the joy and pleasure of receiving the gifts they deserve from life, such as a harmonious relationship and well-being. "It's important to always remain a student and be open to learning." "When you learn to respect the universal laws and the Higher Force, happiness becomes natural." - Ladamira Welcome to the world of prosperity, joy, health and love! WHAT ARE THE ACTIVITIES? In the retreat: prayer circles, songs, dances, meditative practices, workshops, natural food, nature walks, bonfire, and others. We will go out to places in nature and we will also make a tent of sweat for purification.



Chácara 5 Elements: Check in on 12/29 from 10:00 in the morning.

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Standard participation (basic) 500 euros VIP (basic + 1 special ritual + 1 Magic picture with the tutor + 1 amulet) 1000 euros.

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HEALTH AND YOUTH IN EVERY HOME New Year Prep Session: purification from past year diseases

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LOVE IN EVERY HOME Ancient Yoga practice in pairs will help you feel better your partner

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CONSTRUCTIVE ENERGY IN EVERY HOME Who am I? Which is my individuality and what are my talents?

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Extra Days 4th, 5th and 6th

Global Spirit Organizers Teachings.

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